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Special Arches, Gazebos, Obelisks and other commissioned items

Over the years we have made many special or commisioned items. Some of these items have been based on an existing product but an unusual size, some are truly "one-offs" and others we have liked so much, we have added them to our product range. If you haven't seen what you need elsewhere on the website or on this page please contact us to discuss your requirements, we may be able to help.

fig tree trainer

This Fig Tree Trainer was made for a customer on the south coast as a special item.

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 Decorative iron well head

unique iron well head

A heavy duty well head completed this garden project for a customer in Hertfordshire, it was designed and manufactured by us.

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Featuring in countless photographs of happy times, the Shelford wedding arch is an attractive feature in these gardens. The original, shown on the left, was commisioned by a major local hotel. It has graced their gardens since 1997.
We have made others since for large private gardens.

The Arch is roughly 2.75 metres (9') wide inside.
There are other products in the Shelford range

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This special version of the Shelford wedding arch is a new attractive feature at Scotsdales Garden Centre at Great Shelford Cambridge.

This version of the Arch is roughly 2.5 metres (8'6") wide inside 3.5m outside, and weighs 330kg.
There are other products in the Shelford range

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Extra tall classic obelisk

Made for one of garden centre customers in Hertfordshire, the tall classic obelisk galvanised, shown next to the standard version (which is finished in black primer in this picture).

Where ever possible we will do what we can to accomodate customers special requirements.

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An interesting request, the client needed an arch to span his drive. He also needed it tall enough to enable him to drive his van underneath.
The reverse curves in the top give the suggestion of a pagoda.

The Arch is roughly 3 metres (10') square and about 3 metres (10') tall drive through height

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large shelford arch

One of the larger arches we have made but not the largest.

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 Very Large arch


This is the largest arch we have made so far. It is shown here outside our workshop assembled and erected prior to galvanising.

We normally erect any special item or any one off item after manufacture at our factory to check stability and rigidity.

This monster is approximately 17' / 5.2m wide.When the legs are concreted into the ground 3' / 0.9m, the arch will be 15' / 4.6m high in the centre. It is 11' 6" / 3.5m high at the sides and 4' / 1.2m deep.

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large Henley Gazebo at cambridge university botanical gardens

A large version of the Henley Gazebo shown here at the Botanical Gardens at Cambridge University,

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Special Henley Gazebo and traditional rose tunnels at the Barakura english garden in tokyo

An even larger Henley gazebo, a little further afield this time, in Tokyo, it was supplied with the Tradtional Rose tunnels shown here.

Photograph kindly supplied by Barakura English Garden.

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large shelford Weddding gazebo

A 10 foot diameter Shelford gazebo installed in the gardens of a conference centre offering wedding facilities. 

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Large willow arch

And now a Japanese style arch in an English Garden.

We made this special Willow arch for a customer who wanted it to span a patio. It is 8' / 2.4m wide and 2' / 0.6m deep, because of the large size and the style, the arch is constructed in a heavy wall square section tube. This arch was galvanised before the customer painted it.

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Made as a commission for R&R Saggers at Newport this large square top arch is unpainted and will over time acheive a natural rusted appearance.
It is shown here in their attractive gardens, a unique feature of their garden centre.

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