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The Shelford Range for gardens

The Shelford range started life as a commissioned arch for one of our garden centres. The man commissioning it said, "just design something a bit different" and the popular Shelford arch was the result. Other garden products, (gazebos bower and loveseat) followed on as requests or ideas arose.

Co-ordinated range for the garden
A co-ordinated range such as the Shelford, allows for a number of different products of the same basic design to lend continuity and a uniform theme to a garden, which many people like.

Three specials (gazebo and arches) are shown at the bottom of the page, commissioned by different establishments to fit within their gardens for functions, usually weddings. Versions have also been purchased by those fortunate enough to have large gardens.

The shelford Rose Arch

The Shelford arch is a popular attractive wrought iron style rose or garden arch, great for the discerning gardener. Originally commissioned for a trade customer for their own use, they were so pleased with it that they have stocked these garden arches ever since.

We have made at least one of these rose arches with a weathervane fitted to the top of the arch.

Width Height Depth Legs
42" / 1070mm 81" 20" 12"
48" / 1200mm 84" 20" 12"

(Inside heights at centre with legs fully in the ground)

Shelford rose garden arch prices

Width £ Price black primer £ Price galvanised
42" / 1070mm 186.65 plus VAT 272.65 plus VAT
48" / 1200mm 201.30 plus VAT 287.50 plus VAT

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Shelford iron gazebo

The Shelford gazebo is available in three sizes:

Width Depth Height inside Height outside Legs
72" / 1830mm 72" / 183omm 81" / 2075mm  96" / 2440mm 12" / 305mm
78" / 2000mm 78" / 2000mm 84" / 2150mm 99" / 2515mm 12" / 305mm
84" / 2120mm 84" / 2120mm 87" / 2225mm 102" /2590mm 12" / 305mm

Shelford Gazebo prices

Size (diameter) £ Price black primer £ Price galvanised
72" / 1830mm 351.05 plus VAT 512.40 plus VAT
78" / 2000mm 377.00 plus VAT 522.70 plus VAT
84" / 2120mm 402.20 plus VAT 537.80 plus VAT

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Shelford Bower

This Shelford bower has standard legs which here have been pushed straight into the ground. If the ground is not particularly firm it is advisable to concrete the legs into the the ground for extra stability. Alternatively the arbour can be supplied with bolt down feet as the Regency style arbour shown above has been.

The Shelford Bower is available made to these dimensions:

Width Depth Height outside Legs
78" / 2000mm 50" / mm 83" / mm 12" / 305mm

Shelford Bower prices

£ Price black primer £ Price galvanised
317.10 plus VAT 463.05 plus VAT

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Shelford Loveseat

The Shelford love seat, the same size in terms of width and depth as the Regency, co-ordinates with the rest of the Shelford range.    

The Shelford Loveseat is available in these dimensions:

Width Depth Height outside
42" / 1065mm 20" / 508mm 96½" / 2210mm

Shelford Loveseat prices

£ Price black primer £ Price galvanised
321.75 plus VAT 457.70 plus VAT

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Featuring in countless photographs of happy times, the Shelford wedding arch is an attractive feature in these gardens. The original, shown here, was commisioned by a major local hotel. It has graced their gardens since 1997.
We have made others since for large private gardens.

The Arch is roughly 2.75 metres (9') wide inside.
There are other products in the Shelford range

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large shelford arch

One of the larger arches we have made but not the largest.

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large shelford Wedding gazebo

A 10 foot diameter Shelford gazebo installed in the gardens of a conference centre offering wedding facilities. 

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